Watercraft insurance coverage is not mandatory in Washington for boat owners or operators. It’s vital to have this form of coverage whether you cruise Lake Tapps or you sail San Juan to ensure that you have outstanding coverage for your vessel. Studies reveal that many boating accidents in Washington result from a large percentage of residents and visitors being inexperienced on the water.

Statistics estimate that around 25 people die annually as a result of boating accidents in Washington. This coverage protects your boat against damages caused by common perils such as storms, theft, sinking, and collision with another vessel. The typical boat insurance covers physical damage to the boat itself and extends coverage covering property damage, medical payments, and theft, with each attracting a different deductible.

Many boating enthusiasts know that prior preparation is crucial to staying safe on the water and that why they always maintain safety gear under their custody. Apart from having safety gear, there is a way of adding another layer of protection, and that is purchasing an appropriate boat insurance policy matching your needs. Personal watercraft and boats are significant investments and are worth protecting. If you own a boat or are interested in purchasing one, it’s imperative to evaluate the benefits of possessing proper and sufficient coverage.

Boat insurance will provide a high level of protection in the event of theft or damage. It helps cover a sailboat, motorboat, or personal watercraft if it is stolen or damaged by a covered peril such as fire and lightning stated in your policy document. This form of coverage protects you if you cause injuries to other people and damage their property using your boat.

Having a boat insurance policy in Washington comes into play when replacing your boat if it gets stolen or repairs it if it’s damaged, whether on water or land. Do you want to cruise in the waters of Washington stress-free with peace of mind by getting guaranteed protection from unexpected eventualities? Visit us at Schreib Insurance Group offices and speak to our knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They will work closely with you to get the boat coverage you need matching your needs.

How much will a boat insurance cost in Washington?

On average, boat insurance can cost anywhere from $300-500 per annum. However, we at Schreib Insurance Group consider many factors before we issue you with the right boat insurance policy. These include:

  • Your type of boat
  • Horsepower of the boat
  • Where you will store your boat
  • Where your boat will be used
  • Will other people operate your boat?
  • Will your boat ferry passengers?
  • Desired deductibles
  • Desired coverages

Our staff will carry a friendly assessment of these factors and others before arriving at the final cost of your insurance policy.

What types of boats can boat insurance cover?

As a resident of Washington, it’s vital to get an overview of the boats covered by various insurance companies. Boat insurance offered can cover the vast majority of vessels, including:

  • Ski boat
  • Paddleboat
  • Speed boat
  • Pontoon boat
  • Houseboat

Accidents on the waters are more common than you can imagine. Accidents are inevitable, and always you cannot see them coming. However, you can initiate a contingency plan on how you will manage when these unexpected eventualities strike. Call or visit us today at Schreib Insurance Group offices in Bonney Lake, WA and obtain outstanding boat insurance that will guarantee your protection on Washington waters.