In the state of Washington, umbrella insurance coverage provides an additional layer of liability protection that goes above and beyond your homeowner’s and auto policies limits. As a Bonney Lake, WA resident, it’s vital to purchase an umbrella insurance policy. It gives you peace of mind because protection is guaranteed even if lawsuits emerge, thus shielding you from suffering financial drain. When your home and auto liability limits get depleted, an umbrella insurance policy comes into play. It provides a second layer of protection of at least $1000,000 or even higher limits.

An umbrella insurance policy does not only cover you as the primary policyholder, but it extends coverage to both your spouse and family members residing in your premises regardless of the location in the world. Many Washington residents cling to this conception of believing this form of coverage gets tailored for only the rich, but this is not the case. In the world we live today, anyone is susceptible to any form of a lawsuit at any time, and that why having an umbrella insurance policy under your custody is the ultimate solution to protect you against these unforeseen eventualities. Umbrella insurance policy can protect you against some events that other coverages cannot. These include:

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • False arrest
  • Invasion of privacy

It’s paramount to understand that an umbrella insurance policy is not a stand-alone policy. If you want to purchase this type of coverage, you should have an auto policy bearing a certain liability coverage level. This form of policy gives you excess liability coverage above your other policies provision even if you are deemed liable after an accident.

Are you wondering where you can purchase a salient umbrella insurance policy to protect your hard-earned assets and your future income from garnishment? Visit us today at Schreib Insurance Group offices and speak to our professional agents who understand your risks, lifestyle, and your budget, after that, helping you to get the right umbrella insurance policy.

Our agents at Schreib Insurance Group would like to ascertain several factors before they give you an accurate quote for umbrella insurance. They include:

  • Individual net worth
  • Your credit history
  • Your location
  • Members of your family inclusive of teenagers
  • Driving records on your premises
  • Type of occupation you undertake
  • Potential risks you face
  • Activities you indulge on
  • Hobbies
  • Desired policy amount

Do you need umbrella insurance coverage?

At Schreib Insurance Group, we encourage every resident of Bonney Lake, WA to carry a personal umbrella insurance policy because everyone is vulnerable to lawsuits emanating from activities we indulge in every day. We advocate umbrella insurance to all our clients, especially those who:

  • Owns rental, home, or vacation properties
  • Reside in a condo, apartment, or living in other multi-family property
  • Owns pets
  • Possess watercraft or off-road automobiles
  • Have a teen driver
  • Engages in volunteer programs
  • Engages in risky hobbies like snowboarding, cycling, or skiing
  • Host guests regularly on their premises

Are you a resident of Washington? Don’t wait until a calamity strikes to consider how much additional insurance coverage you need to ensure your ultimate protection! Call or visit us at our Schreib Insurance Group offices in Bonney Lake, WA and get detailed information about an umbrella insurance policy.